Why Whole Body Cryotherapy is More Effective than Ice Baths

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Cryotherapy | 0 comments

The Cryosauna has been shown to be more beneficial, more convenient and has no negative side effects compared to Ice Baths. Whole Body Cryotherapy places the body in extremely cold air ranging from ‐220°F to ‐280°F for two to three minutes. The skin is rapidly cooled down to about 32°F to 35°F. The experience is comfortable since the delivery of the extreme cold is completely dry.

When the cryotherapy session is completed, the body undergoes rapid vasodilation as the higher internal blood pressure drives the enriched blood back to the peripherals. The body has also released endorphins into the blood, providing a euphoric feeling and mood improvement. Since cryotherapy does not freeze tissue and muscles, the body can immediately return to exercise. This is especially helpful if a training schedule requires more than one workout session per day. With ice baths, muscles and tissues need rest and recovery time in order to return to normal activity.

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